Enhance world's energy!

Hyp-er_objects s.r.l. is an innovative startup, which aims to design, develop and commercialize energy recovery devices for a wide variety of applications, from the production and logistic industries to the transportation and private sector.

Introducing PERS

PERS (Pressure Energy Recovery System) is the results of relentless efforts and dedication by our team of designers and engineers. It was conceived to recover waste energy from pressurized liquids. The recovered energy is stored in a built-in high power input electrical energy storage system.

The whole system is connected with a series of integrated circuits, sensors and actuators, which manage the device during the operative time and collect data on vehicle usage.

Beachhead market: The logistics sector

Electric forklifts are taking over the logistics sector. The battery charging process leads to longer vehicles downtime.

PERS can recover energy during loads lowering, store it in dedicated high power input supercapacitors, the use this energy during normal EV operations.

Installing PERS on electric vehicles leads to:

  • Extended EV battery runtime (up to20%)

  • Extended battery life

  • Lower number of vehicles needed

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

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